The Woman behind all the Buzz

Stacey Bailey is the oldest child of 6 children raised in a strict Caribbean home. The biggest influence in her life has always been her mother, not only is her mother a natural nurturer and healer but she is also a minister. Stacey watched her mother in the kitchen take herbs to help with everything from constipation, boosting your immune system, to obliterating the worst case of the Flu in just a few days. It wasn’t until the pandemic hit and Stacey almost lost her daughter, did she go back to her roots! Stacey started with teas to get her bed ridden daughter out bed and provide restoration to her tired temple. Her daughter always loved candles and she wanted them to be special so she began making them for her as well! When Stacey realized that her mother was right about everything she decided it was imperative to share with the world. With her Caribbean ancestors hands on her back Stacey is ready to help heal your mind, body and Soul. Touched by Honey is an Eco-Friendly Line of Teas, Candles & Soaps, as well as Metaphysical items to satisfy your every need!