Signature Body Massage Oil Candle

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Not only do you benefit from the sweet enhancing aroma but these candles also serve as a massage oil with carefully measured blend of Coconut Oil, Shea & Coco Butter to soothe your skin. These candles will transport you to paradise with scent-boosting oils, that calm and ease the spirit. Doubling as a massage oil, this candle truly is an all-around peaceful experience. 

***If you have an allergy to coconut oil, shea butter or coco butter please indicate an it can be substituted to mango butter. ***

ECO & CD wick are lead & zinc free. Natural cotton wick for clean burning. Keep wick trim 1/4" before each use to ensure a consistent burn with higher fragrance loads. Burn candle no more than 4 hours at a time. Keep candle away from children, pets, fans, heaters, curtains, & open windows. NEVER leave a burning candle unattended.

Handmade with Purpose 

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