Healing Teas


 Do Doze:  This blend does just that made with calm and relaxing  ingredients,such as,  Valerian root is considered "natures valium"this herb has been used since ancient times to promote tranquility and improve sleep. 

 Anxia Tea:  Butterfly pea flower tea is a stress buster influences positive emotions and an energy booster Citrus peel for vitamin C to help gut health.

Pain Eze Tea: White Peony has an analgesic (pain reducing) property comparable to acetaminophen is known to be useful for  hypertension, chest pain , muscle cramping and spasms, as well as fevers. 

HorMon Tea: Hawthorne Berry works well for High Blood Pressure, as well as, has benefits for Women experiencing Menopause sypmtooms. 

Liver/Kidney Cleanser MilkThistle  is used to maintain both liver and kidney health.  It works well to combat fatigue,  hormonal imbalances, as well ass, cleaning your blood.  

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