Body scrubs


A body scrub removes dead skin cells, increases blood circulation, and cleanses skin through exfoliation. Also known as body polish, it consists of a liquid base with exfoliating granules which slough off dead skin when you massage it over your body.

Tumeric - The benefits of turmeric in skincare are numerous and when used in an exfoliating scrub they are magnified. Turmeric (Curcuma longa) has anti-inflammatory properties which do seem to soothe irritated skin when applied topically. This helps you have a clearer complexion.

Honey - Honey is also antiseptic thanks to its chemical makeup: this means it can cleanse the skin as well. The natural healing properties of raw honey on the body are gentle, and the antioxidants and minerals in honey skincare will make your complexion happy.

Brown Sugar - Brown sugar is the least abrasive making it a good choice for those with sensitive skin. Body scrubs made with raw sugar can be used up to 2 times a week.


Ginger - Ginger is great for sensitive skin, acting as an anti-inflammatory agent to decrease redness and help with skin disorders.

Sea Salt - Salt contains magnesium which helps to reduce inflammation and flush away toxins. Sea salt, derived from seawater, contains many skin-loving minerals which can improve blood circulation to your skin. The large, tough salt granules in salt scrubs can remove dead and hardened skin when rubbed on the skin.

Grapefruit -Rich in the anti-oxidant Beta Carotene, it transforms dull, dehydrated complexions and leaves your skin beautifully radiant. Grapefruit also contains Lycopene, which reduces redness and inflammation of the skin, helping to even out skin tone for a smooth complexion.