Shadow Work 1;1


Whether we realize it or not, every part of us has this same desire to be emotionally, mentally, and most importantly spiritually HEALED.  When we become emotionally distraught, the spirit within us seeks to return us to a more balanced state of wholeness. Allow me to help you on that journey by facilitating a spiritual healing and expansion. I have a developed a process l  call The Shadow Work Master Class for a  Super Reality Shift. Its purpose is to facilitate a shift from a limited, stressful reality to one that is joyous and expansive. I enjoy hearing the surprise in my clients’ voices when we complete the process. They often report being “stunned or “amazed” to notice feeling much different about their situation and potential for well-being. Emotionally, clients generally experience a new sense of joy. They also gain an appreciation of themselves as uniquely special spiritual beings. 

 The session includes an Energy Cleansing to begin to unblock specific chakra, tools to help that blockage, Journal to record your transformation and  a three-card pull to magnify and clarify your intentions. 


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