Spiritual Healing Retreat 5/5/23 - 5/7/23


Whether we realize it or not, every part of us has this same desire to be emotionally, mentally, and most importantly spiritually HEALED.  When we become emotionally distraught, the spirit within us seeks to return us to a more balanced state of wholeness. Let me help you on that journey by facilitating spiritual healing and expansion. Emotionally, clients generally experience a new sense of joy. They also gain an appreciation of themselves as uniquely special spiritual beings. 

RETREAT INCLUDES: Three Days of Healing 5/5/23-5/7/23

Friday: Mix and Mingle with a sound bowl master meditation session, Mini tarot card session, & and en evening meditation with the full moon.

Saturday: Sunrise Yoga session

Introduction to Shadow work

Brunch Energetic Massage or Reiki Session

Spiritual Readings with Gabby Buchannon


Motivational Speaker with a Fireside Chat


Yoga Session

Continental Breakfast

Spiritual Swag Bag



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