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Chakra Stone Set


Chakra stones have the healing ability, they are believed to unblock or stabilize the chakras in our body. Holding these stones in your palm have a strong healing property. The energies from these stones clear the place around and removes all negativity. These chakra stones are used in meditation, reiki, yoga, chakra healing and energy balancing.

Perfect Healing Stones for anyone who is embarking on a journey of finding oneself.

Many gemstones are actually suitable by color or association with more than one Chakra. Amethyst and Clear Quartz are the most commonly interchangeable between the Chakras. There are some great internet articles not only on general Chakra stones but on the specific uses of the individual stones we have included in the set. 

Chakras are energy points aligned along our spinal column. Each Chakra represents a physical, emotional or mental state. Each Chakra center is connected to us on mental, emotional, spiritual and physical levels. When the Chakras are out of balance we will manifest symptoms of discomfort in all these areas. The stones are used to balance the Chakras and enhance Chakra healing. Place them on the energy center or hold them whilst meditating and you can carry them with you during the day.

Stones shown are for illustration but as these are natural items please expect some variance from item to item. Stones supplied will be very similar but not identical.

Due to crystal variance, the crystals received will be different than the crystals pictures, but they will be of the same size and quality. Crystals are cleansed with rainwater and charged under the full moon so you may start using them right away.