Infused Honey



Infused honey is also known as flavored honey. It is a delicious concoction made using a wide range of herbs and spices with honey. These ingredients are intensely infused in the honey to give it a unique taste that enhances its mild flavor as well as enhances the health benefits of both the herbs and honey.


Lemon Infused Honey improves DIGESTION and increased stomach acid which helps in the breakdown of food inside of the body. Used on a regular basis you may notice less bloating.

Ginger Infused Honey has long been proven to treat respiratory problems like cold and cough. Honey has is a good medium to transmit gingers properties thru the body.  Both Ginger and Honey have their own benefits like the antioxidant properties and aids in digestion, which is why the comobination of the two provides additon perks.

Herb Infused Honey this blend has Elderberry, Echinachea, Lemon and Ginger. This combination is a Super immune booster that will surely help keep the nasty superbugs away.  Echinachea stimulates the immune system and regulates inflammation. Elderberry naturally contains, Vitamins A, B and C, also stimulating the immune system, it also can help prevent infections.  Combining the benefits of ginger and lemon, you get a SUPER IMMUNE Boosting Honey, that can be used daily as a stand alone or in your favorite beverage.